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We offer damage free safe openings and provide free preventive maintenance when called upon to change combinations.

We will install electronic safe locks that provide an audit trail showing who has opened your safe. These locks can store many events including correct entries, incorrect entries, and the times and dates of when those entries were made. By assigning different user codes to personnel, there is greater accountability of those who have access to the safe.


Safes and chests outfitted with electronic locks are only slightly more expensive than their standard versions and are ideal for situations where multiple users require access to the container on different shifts. Even if the keypad were to be broken or removed from the door during a burglary attempt, the container would remain locked and the last successful opening or attempted opening would be recorded within the lock inside the door. On one occasion, a manager entered their combination, removed cash from the safe, and broke the keypad off with a sledgehammer, not realizing that their code would be retained by the memory within the lock itself. After reporting a burglary, the manager was confronted by a locksmith who was able to use a replacement keypad to determine the last known valid entry made and at what time. The audit of the lock was used to prosecute the manager of the store.

We recommend locks that do not require the use of batteries. These locks are manufactured by the same company that makes the X-07 on GSA containers.

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