Allied specializes in the design and maintenance of computerized master key systems, small and large.  We provide documentation for all our systems, enabling keys to be cut without unnecessary effort. Records can be kept on-site, off-site, or a combination of the two.

Simply put, master keying is allowing two different and distinct keys to operate one lock. Master keying is used to regulate access to certain areas while having master keys that will access many or all areas. Master keying can be done anywhere there are compatable locks, such as in a hospital, an office building, a home, etc. Allied can provide high security locks master keyed and maintain key control for both commercial and residential applications. It is possible to integrate a patented keying system with your existing system, saving thousands of dollars on replacement cylinder costs. This will allow continued use of your present masterkey system and will strengthen security in areas where you need it most. Individuals who possess master keys in such a system could only obtain them with your consent. We offer the depth in resources necessary to design and implement the largest systems, involving thousands of doors, with minimal impact to your workforce and day to day operations.

We offer expert service for existing master key systems and also design systems  that will give you years of reliable service. Call us today to discuss your needs and we will design a solution that will meet your budget.

Are you interested in having certain areas secured with devices capable of providing an audit trail?


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